Cinco Sobre Três – Fünf Über Drei CD


Cinco Sobre Três – Fünf Über Drei is the fifth CD from internationally acclaimed world percussion group Hands On’Semble. A 2012 release featuring collaborations with Pete Lockett and Poovalur Sriji. Mixed & co-produced by Stu Goldberg






Half Past Kandam (Pete Lockett)

Pete Lockett: bongos, kanjira, shakers, cowbell, timbales, voice, misc. percussion and electronics
Randy Gloss: conga, toungue drums, cheng cheng, Paiste gongs bells chimes and bowed percussion
Andrew Grueschow: goon-gong, kagan, kidi, atsemivu, qarqaba, lunga and lundo (talking drums)
Austin Wrinkle: cajon, doumbek

Peeling the Onion (Randy Gloss)

Randy Gloss: tuned gongs, tabla, pandeiro, daf, gankogui and caxixi
Andrew Grueschow: tabla. zabumba, sogo
Austin Wrinkle: tabla, doumbek, mounted doumbek, djembe

Sweet 17 (Poovalur Sriji)

B. U. Ganesh Prasad: violin
Eric Barber: saxophone
Kai Kurosawa: Beartrax (tap guitar)
Poovalur Sriji: mridangam
Randy Gloss: riq and cup-chime hi-hat, shakers
Austin Wrinkle: cajon, frame drum

X-Mas In Goa (Randy Gloss)

Randy Gloss: pandeiro
Andrew Grueschow: berimbau
Austin Wrinkle: tabla

Super Moon (Pete Lockett)

Pete Lockett: tabla, shakers, electronics
Rusty Kennedy: electric bass
Randy Gloss: riqq, caxixi, clave
Andrew Grueschow: sogo
Austin Wrinkle: mounted doumbeks

At the Lodge (Randy Gloss)

Randy Gloss: conga, gankogui
Andrew Grueschow: sogo, axatse
Austin Wrinkle: djembe


“Some percussion groups might err on the side of the clinical, technical, or avant-garde, but the Hands On’Semble makes sure that everything grooves. The group’s new album features world percussionist Pete Lockett and mridangam master Poovalur Sriji as guests, a recipe guaranteed to bring rhythmic deliciousness. “Half Past Kandam” features Lockett’s classical Indian revelry alongside On’Semble stalwarts Randy Gloss, Andrew Grueschow, and Austin Wrinkle, with the melody sometimes in the bells, other times in the drums. Lockett’s “Super Moon” is fun in 10/8 with electric bass for fuel, and Sriji’s “Sweet 17” features playful call and response in 17/8. Drawing from numerous drumming traditions, the ensemble builds a rousing groove in 22/8 on Gloss’s “Peeling the Onion” and then deconstructs, extends, and elaborates. “X-Mas in Goa” begins as a soulful pandeiro solo, with berimbau adding low-end support. It’s fascinating and exhilarating to hear such great players work this fusion out. ”
– Robin Tolleson, Modern Drummer Magazine, May 2013

“All hands on…DRUM! Core founding members Randy Gloss, Andrew Grueschow, and Austin Wrinkle (originally founded with John Bergamo) collaborate with percussionists Pete Lockett and Poovalur Sriji on this, their fifth CD as the internationally acclaimed world percussion group Hands On’Semble. From the opening track, rhythms are flying with mind-bending precision. The collaborative works with Lockett and Sriji are fantastic additions, adding depth to the ensemble’s core sounds. Lockett’s electronics and drumming provide a modern edge that is satisfying. Poovalur Sriji, the legendary percussionist, composer, and educator (also, a mentor for the group) is well known for blending Indian Classical music and Western musical systems. His composition, “Sweet 17,” not only features his world renowned mridangam playing, but also showcases exquisite playing by B.U. Ganesh Prasad on violin, Eric Barber on saxophone, and Kai Kurosawa on beartrax (tapguitar). Each original member has a feature on the fourth track, a classic Hands On’Semble composition, “X-Mas in Goa” (originally recorded on Shradhanjali in 2001). Revamping an old tune is a great way for listeners to see how far they have come. Randy Gloss’s four-minute pandiero solo is particularly stunning as he takes the listener on a rhythmic journey through Brazilian traditional rhythms to rock, urban hip-hop, and drum’n’bass, all through the aural lens of his traditional Brazilian pandiero. The group’s expertise has always been a blending of rhythmic compositional forms and techniques from a wide array of world drumming traditions, while at the same time bridging these various instruments/traditions into a unique, seamless musical amalgam. This is their most developed and mature album to date. Get your hands on this CD!
– John Lane, Percussive Notes, May 2013