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HAND’STAN is the fourth CD from internationally acclaimed world percussion group Hands On’Semble. Mixed & co-produced by Stu Goldberg

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The catalyst for this particular CD was Abbos Kosimov, who is regarded as one of the greatest exponents of the doira-the national instrument of Uzbekistan. Hands On’Semble first met Abbos at the Tainan Chi-Hsi Int’l Arts Festival – Int’l Drummers Gala in Taiwan in 2003. Since then they have remained in contact through email, searching for an opportunity to work on a project together. On a moment’s notice, almost two years since their meeting in Taiwan, Abbos came from Tashkent to L.A. to collaborate with Hands On’Semble over a two-week period which resulted in the recording of all of the tracks for HAND’STAN.

Several percussion luminaries who have been collaborating with Hands On’Semble throughout the years also joined to collaborate on the recording of HAND’STAN:
Swapan Chaudhuri – a phenomenon in the arena of Indian classical music, famous throughout the world as a true master of tabla
Adam Rudolph – an American percussionist who has been in the vanguard of cross-cultural improvisational music for over 20 years
Houman Pourmehdi – Persian percussion master in the classical tradition of the tonbak as well as the spiritual path of the Ghaderi order of Sufi and their virtuoso Daf players
Brad Dutz – L.A. session percussionist heard on countless albums and soundtracks for film and television.

Together these artists work through a kaleidoscope of rhythms, forms, and soundscapes, exploring the multitude of commonalities, bridging cultural and musical differences, creating an entirely new work for percussion based on tradition and bound by none.

Twoweeks Time, Tweeks Time (Randy Gloss)
Point Of Departure

I The Most Frequent Flyer


III Dog Years

IV Three, Two, One

V The African Korapu

Abbos Kosimov: doira, conga, davul, qauroc
Swapan Chaudhuri: tabla
Adam Rudolph: congas, djembe
Randy Gloss: miscellaneous drums and cymbals, gongs, triangle, pandeiro, gankogui
Andrew Grueschow: zabumba, berimbau, sogo, axatse
Austin Wrinkle: cajon, tala cymbals, cheng-cheng, kidi

Xinwan Padma (Brad Dutz)

Brad Dutz: glass marimba, shakers
Randy Gloss: kanjira, tuned gongs
Andrew Grueschow: berimbau, shakers
Austin Wrinkle: tabla, udu

Tantana / Butterfly (Abbos Kosimov / Houman Pourmehdi)
I Tantana

II Butterfly

Abbos Kosimov: doira, davul
Houman Pourmehdi: tonbak, dayereh, daf
Randy Gloss: frame drum, caxixi, riq, pandeiro
Andrew Grueschow: ubang, shakers, lunga, zabumba
Austin Wrinkle: cajon, darabuka


Drum Magazine’s 2007 Reader’s Poll Award nominee for Album of the Year

“World music, hand drumming, fascinating rhythms and beats galore, are presented in fine form on this enticing recording. Hands On’Semble is a contemporary percussion ensemble devoted to the art of hand drumming. Founded in 1997 by percussionist John Bergamo, along with Randy Gloss, Andrew Grueschow, and Austin Wrinkle. Hand’Stan is the groups fourth CD, this recording is a blend of various styles, presenting master drummers who specialize in various percussion instruments. Abbos Kosimov, renowned doira player from Uzbekistan and Swapan Chaudhuri, from India, a master tabla player are guest musicians on the project. Inviting music for drummers and non-drummers alike, presented in a pleasing manner that is quite entrancing.
If you have the slightest interest in hand drumming you must have this CD, if you are interested in drumming, rhythm, timing, creating interesting beats and expanding your soling capabilities this is a must have CD. If you just want to sit back, relax and groove to some fine sounds, this is a hypnotic record of therapeutic value,
Hand’Stan by Hands On’Semble”
-Paul J. Youngman, jazzreview.com and thelivemusicreport.com

“On their fourth album, the core group of hand drummers is joined by an all-star international cast including Indian tabla master Swapan Chaudhuri, as well as Adam Rudolph, Abbos Kosimov, Houman Purmehdi and Brad Dutz. Together, utilizing an array of Western and global percussion instruments with names that will be unfamiliar to most (djembe, tonbak, daf, zamumba, ndu, lunga, etc.), they
spill out an intoxicating trio of surprisingly tuneful, tonally rich, relentlessly rhythmic suites of both improvised and composed music.”
–Jeff Tamarkin, globalrhythm.net

“Hand’Stan is the latest recording from the Hands On’Semble percussion group. Using a multitude of exotic instruments, members Randy Gloss, Andrew Grueschow and Austin Wrinkle meld musical styles from around the globe into a pulsating, earthy experience for the listener. The ensemble augments their ranks on this recording with guest artists Abbos kosimov, Swapan Chaudhuri, Adam Rudolph, and
Houman Pourmehdi.
There are three extended compositions on this recording. “Twoweekstime, Tweekstime” is a mystical six-part “suite” highlighting a series of improvised solos on different instruments (pandeiro, tabla, etc.) prior to and extended “trading solos” section. “Xinwan Padma” (by guest artist Brad Dutz) is an empyreal composition that often sets a glass marimba melody against a tabla and pandeiro vamp. It’s Brazilian/ Indian sound is accentuated further by the udu drum and tuned gongs. “Tantana/Butterfly” is an earthy African-inspired call and response/ solo vehicle for guest artists Kosimov and Pourmehdi that pulsates with atmosphere.”
–Terry O’Mahoney, Percussive Notes, The Journal of the Percussive Arts Society